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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Economy Is COLLAPSING!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Small Arms Treaty has Pass! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

!!ALERT!! Reports Surfacing of Multi-State National Guard Mobilizations !!ALERT!!

Eye witness reports from Georgia, Minnesota, Alabama, Kansas, and perhaps Texas suggest large scale mobilizations and deployment in progress for National Guard Units.

We were under the impression that National Guard in Georgia were being deployed to help evacuate Florida in the event of toxic fumes from the oil spill if the government decided to light the booms.

However, we are seeing reports from multiple states throughout the country.

The Minnesota mobilization has been confirmed by MPR News, as of May 20, 2010 but suggests deployment may not be immediate:

Soldiers and families around Minnesota know there’s a deployment in their future. Within the next few months, 2,700 Minnesota National Guard soldiers from around the state will get their training orders for deployment.

It’s not clear yet which units of the 1st Brigade Combat Team will be activated.But this alert marks the largest deployment of Minnesota military forces since World War II.

The Minnesota Guard deployment above is reportedly for soldiers deploying to the middle east next year.

Reports regarding the Georgia National Guard are from a person close to a soldier that is being deployed:

Just got a call from my son…driving home from spring semester at North Georgia College. He is in the reserves and attending the Corps of Cadets there. He is telling me something big is up. Just got a call from his unit that they are mobilizing immediately. ALL GEORGIA UNITS. Unconfirmed at the moment. Don’t see anything on any big news besides Korea. Wonder if there is more going on there than we think….will break more as I find out whether this is a big deal or not.

From Kansas:

My old friend who’s in the army and just got back from Iraq and is not due to go to Afghanistan until August was just deployed too. He’s reserved in Kansas, so it’s definitly not the oil. I don’t know if everyone has been deployed, only him.

I’m hoping it is something minor or just a coincidence, deployment from more than one state is DEFINITLY not a good sign.

EDIT TO ADD: Just called his mom, I am talking to his mom right now. She doesn’t know what’s going on or where he’s going, he couldn’t tell her anything except “I love you and I am being deployed”. I am not one to be afraid because most things are just rediculous, but I’m am hoping this is just a mere coincidence.


I have lived in the Tomball, Texas area forabout 33 years. I know whats normal and whats not. I also workout side and can tell you the type of helo by the sound. With that in mind.

Today I have seen wave after wave of Blackhawks pushing hard toward the east/southeast over Tomball. These things were nose-down and they were moving. VERY NOT normal. Just thought I’d FYI.

Possibly Exercises?

A mobile Iraqi war zone has taken shape on the rolling plains and ridges of eastern Wyoming, the latest incarnation of an Army National Guard training exercise meant to quickly shape citizen soldiers into battle-ready warriors.

…The Wyoming National Guard’s Camp Guernsey is currently hosting the training exercise for the Nebraska Guard’s 67th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, which is scheduled for deployment to Iraq this summer. About 1,400 soldiers from the 67th and other units are honing their skills in the makeshift Middle Eastern environment for three weeks in May.

More Training:

The New York Air National Guard’s Eastern Air Defense Sector (EADS) is participating in a large scale North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command air defense exercise designed to train military members to respond to potential scenarios that could affect the Continental U.S. May 16-20.

EADS is performing its homeland defense mission of detecting, identifying, tracking and possibly scrambling aircraft. Although held in Georgia, members from the unit will control the exercise missions from Rome, N.Y.

There has been no official confirmation from the US government or State governments involved. Mainstream news has yet to pick up this story.

Developments will follow if/when they become available…


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