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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Toughest GUN Laws Yet In New York!

Mayor Predicts "Waco-Style Standoff" In Response To Infringeing Gun Laws

Assault Weapons Ban and what you need to be thinking about next


Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday, January 4, 2013

DHS Buys 200,000 More Rounds of Ammunition

While the Tyrannical Government arms itself to the teeth, they are working hard to disarm YOU!! RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

They're getting ready, SO SHOULD YOU. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kelly Pingilley Was Murdered By A "NATO Death Squad / Tyrannical Government"

They are assassinating people all over the world! They are trying to take us out one by one, as quiet as they can. If they can they will try to make your death look like a suicide. Do what you got to do to keep yourself safe! If you are one of gods people/fighting to get the truth out etc... They're Coming For You! 

 Everyone ask God/Yahua to END the life's of all those who are involved with the "NATO death squad's."

 Remembering  Kelly Pingilley.

The following is written by Sherry Shriner.

 "what happened to Kelly Pingilley? I just got a message she 'committed suicide"...there's no way she'd do that...I'm in total shock.."

 "from what I've been told Kelly Pingilley was killed by a NATO death squad...they've been going around the world all year targeting and killing people that are Yah's....no surprise they are now in America and getting more bolder..."

"Obama is on the march folks, if you're not with him and the Alien New Age you're against them...and they have their lists, and they're going to work on them...Kelly's death is a wake up call that they are after Yah's people...stay grounded in HIM folks.."

"oh brother...they're trying to use Kelly's murder as a psyop against me and my websites and ministry...calling her crazy for believing in the Illuminati and NWO...these people are seriously DUMB about the world they live in...they can't even get the stories straight as to how she died or why...if one thing doesn't work, try another, typical PSYOP" 

"what my source revealed to me yesterday a.m.:

Kelly was dragged out of her car
and quite forcibly
she didn't give up without a fight
and they left all the fake evidence
they hired someone to imitate her writing... I'm getting that too... but did she leave any written messages? (yes several to set it up as motivation for a suicide)
NATO is involved"

 Sherry Shriner. Tribute to Kelly Pingilley

On Friday December 28, 2012 They Killed Kelly Pingilley.

I first met Kelly when she was about 19 or 20 years old. She was struggling with the choice of going to college or spending what time we have left on this for earth, for Yah and doing things He needed done as we headed into the Last Days.

She became a transcriber for my Thursday Radio show "Aliens in the News." She had heard me asking for help in transcribing and offered to help, she was a kind person and had a huge love for Yahushua and the Most High. She had stumbled on my websites looking for answers, and was happy she finally found someone she could relate to, who could answer her questions, and who could encourage her to always seek the Lord and make Him her priority, to keep her relationship with Him a focus, not a secondary attribute of life as most "Christians" do today. She was a lover of the truth and became a great truth seeker in such a short amount of time always wanting to learn new things and seeking Him daily for the truth in all things.

Kelly had experienced a lot of things in her short life, things most people never would, she had a full understanding of the war we are in when I met her, the good vs. bad, Yahuah vs. Satan, light vs. darkness, she had spent most of her years battling the darkness on her own in any way she could, but now she found people who could help her and care about her, hold her hand up when she needed it, listen to her, encourage her, and love her. And Kelly was loved by many.

I love this picture of her, Simply because it highlights that funny little grin she always had as she would celebrate victories in her life for Yah and over the evil that surrounds us and attacks us on a daily basis. Kelly became quite the Warrior in such a short amount of time.

My heart is broken as I write this, at the loss of a Warrior for the Most High who had so much more to offer and give for Him. But she ultimately gave everything she had for Him, her life. And now she is a martyr for Him, and I can't help but keep feeling in my Spirit her own revelry and celebration in heaven, happy, and peace, surrounded by Yah's love and white light. Embrace it Kelly, you deserve it.

Some of my funniest memories with Kelly were when I took her to Ft. Knox, KY and NYC with me so we could Orgone and put up walls around these wicked strongholds of Satan and the Illuminati. At Fort Knox, there was being held prisoner a malevolent and friendly group of some kind of turtle animals/creatures/people that Yah loved and wanted to free from their imprisonment.

They were being cruelly treated there and tortured. They were using the 7 level base for various wicked things such as trying to create hideous plagues to unleash on mankind, and in doing so reached to the lowest levels of cruelty to other races and creations of Yah that simply I didn't even know existed, they had been brought to earth to be imprisoned at the Ft. Knox base from somewhere else in the Universe. Kelly knew a lot more about them than I did, and our group in KY all worked together to free them...and destroy the base so it could no longer be used by Satan to torment and kill Yah's creations.

I often ended up lost as Kelly would navigate my team as I drove, we had a lot of laughs, only Yah can get u that lost and get you exactly where you need to be so u can orgone a specific area..He had us everywhere...I don't know how many times I spilled my coffee all over myself while driving because we would just bust up laughing about something Yah had just did, or a place He had put us. When we left KY Yah showed her hundreds of rays of light beaming down from the Sun onto Ft. Knox and the base, and Kelly knew the beautiful turtle people/creatures had been released from their imprisonment, she sent us all pictures, Yah had completely destroyed that base and it is completely uninhabitable now for Satan or humans. Although humans had for the most part been kicked out of it over a decade ago so Satan could turn it into a DUAB. There is no gold there folks, they just keep the myth going that there is.

I also took Kelly to NYC with me on what would be one of the most important missions I have ever gone on for the Most High. If we hadn't followed His instructions, NYC would now be on the bottom of the Atlantic and at the time we didn't even know they were planning on sinking it, we just knew there was a thousands year old base under Manhattan and Westchester county NY that extended all the way over to the Bronx and had tunnels extended out to everywhere, even midtown and Times Square, NY.

It looked like a battleground the whole time we were there. Our group was the target of cat and mouse games the whole time we were there. They were the cats, we were the mice they were trying to find. As helicopters were constantly flying overhead trying to locate us, police blocking the entrances to every building on Wall Street... Yah would make us invisible so they couldn't find us. We would put on heavy hiking backpacks full of Orgone and walk for miles every day targeting everything and specific grid patterns Yah showed us and lead us to. One of the biggest laughs we had was when we were in Westchester county at the homes of Rockefeller, Hillary, Soros, and others and Yah would literally just portal us around..we'd end up in areas we had no idea how we got to..we'd leave one area in Westchester and end up in the Bronx 5 minutes later..We never had so much fun...Yah saved us a lot of driving time. Kelly was always focused on tearing down the Strongholds of Satan and destroying their base and strongholds while we were there...I was so impressed with her...she didn't care about the things typical kids would be more concerned about, she didn't care about shopping, or sight seeing, or all the typical things you would do in a big city, she stayed with us every day and helped us implement our plan while the rest of the group would go back to the hotel to sleep and relax, she'd be out there with us (because me and Marianne often worked long hours into the night to get things done) and she never complained, she never griped, she didn't let the wear and tear get to her of walking so many miles every single day for 8 days...she wanted to make Yah happy, she did it for Him..she did it to ensure our mission was a success.

From what I was told, Kelly was out driving in her car on Friday night and it was ambushed by a group of NATO death squad assassins. They took over her and her car, drove her to woods and killed her and set up the scene to look like a suicide, planting faulty evidence to make it look like she drove there to kill herself.

Kelly wasn't suicidal, she was full of love and fire for the Most High, and that's why they killed her. She was so smart she was writing articles constantly exposing them and the way they operate, what their plans are, and what they plan to do in the future...that's why she was always one of the first to volunteer to go on a mission to help protect people from them and the areas and cities they live in. Orgone isn't about just destroying wicked and evil underground bases, beings and people, it also PROTECTS people from them...and Kelly had a great love for people.

I already miss her. she was loved by many, RIP in the hands of the Most High Kelly, we'll all see you soon.