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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

U.S. being declared a "Battlefield" -Military can arrest and Lock Up ANY U.S. citizen


Mainstream media actually doing there job for ones. "rare"

UPDATE 11-29-2011 mainstream media now talking about the bill.

The US Senate is About to Declare War on Freedom and the American People.

This is it! This would take away any last freedoms we think we may have.

A Bill that allows the military to become the police and declares the U.S. as a battlefield, then the military can take and detain any U.S. citizen in the battlefield! They never have to charge you with anything nor give you a trial with this bill! In other words, if they don't like what you say or do, you can be picked up and held for the rest of your life without ever be given a reason nor trial! They will put you in a FEMA concentration camp!

If you enjoy what little freedoms we have left... then you need to let your elected official (not that they listen to the people) to vote NO on this bill!

It is coming up for vote on Monday or Tuesday - Carl Levin (D) and John McCain (R) created a bill behind closed doors that proclaims even the U.S. as a battlefield and U.S. citizens can be proclaimed enemy combatants!

This is so serious! This makes the military the Police and allows the military to come to your front door and arrest and lock you up! Remember the patriot act allows the U.S. to take people and never say they have them.

This would even go farther, it will be the military not the FBI, CIA etc to take U.S. citizens. It could be the military that could start shooting at us, since we would be in a battlefield!

Is it because the government doesn't trust the police to stop the Occupy Wall Street folks? Is it because they know the police may even join the OWS movement at some point?

The ACLU is telling everyone to contact they elected official and tell them to vote NO!

This is so outrageous!




Saturday, November 19, 2011

SHOCKING "Occupy" video: Cops pepper spray peaceful California students



Occupy Wall Street Protestor, Retired Philadelphia Police Chief Ray Lewis is Arrested in Full Uniform by his Brothers in Blue.

Startling footage posted on YouTube shows his uniform blending in with a dozen other officers - before they grab him and haul him away.

Sitting against a wall in full dress uniform with his hands cuffed behind him, this is former Philadelphia police captain Ray Lewis being arrested during the Occupy Wall St protests.

The ex-cop was taking part in the demonstrations in New York when he was detained by fellow officers who put toughened plastic bands around his wrists and shoved him to the floor.

Capt Ray Lewis Joins OWS Protest,Gives Message to NYPD and Slams The Greed 1% from Zuccotti Park

Retired Philly Police Captain Ray Lewis After The Eviction of OWS From Zuccotti Park 11/15/11 (LoFi)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The 22 firearm is king.

The 22 firearm is king. As a Free American, it is YOUR RIGHT and DUTY to be Armed in order to Stand Guard against Government Tyranny and Oppression. DO NOT LET THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS STOP YOU FROM OWNING A GUN!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

*BREAKING* National Emergency Alert System FAILURE? Washington Post

Washington post

At 2 p.m. the United States prepared for a national Emergency Alert test. Would the Emergency Alert System work? The Federal Emergency Management Agency wanted to test its ability to send messages out to the entire country via a 30-second television and radio interruption.
No alerts on screen at 2 p.m. in The Post newsroom. (Melissa Bell)

So, how’d it go?

The results likely won’t come back for some time, but in the Post newsroom, the initial reaction was less than impressed. Television channels switched the alert on at different times; some did not switch it on at all.

Monday, November 7, 2011

"FEMA" Will do a Nationwide Emergency Alert System TEST

In what is obviously a muscle flexing exercise meant to show the public just how much power and control the federal government really has, all communications will be cut off for an estimated 30 seconds. Or possibly up to three and a half minutes on November 9th, 2011. Claiming this is a test of the emergency response system, the terror alert system, and any other excuse they can come up with, Fema (that would be the same FEMA in charge of those camps they deny exist) will conduct a complete communications shutdown: all TV, radio, will be disabled simultaneously. This will be at 2 p.m. eastern standard time possibly Internet and Phone communications may go down during this time.

By theintelhub.com

I am trying to figure out what kind of national emergency would require cutting all communications, broadcasts and internet use? Maybe an emergency in which the government itself feels threatened by …….the people?

If this were a test to make sure the system was intact in the event of an emergency I could understand it. But that isn’t what this is.

This is a test meant to ensure that the apparatus is in place and operational in the event the government wants to prevent communication between citizens: this is a test to make sure they CAN shut it all down if they choose to.

Think Egypt here. As the protest crowds grew in Egypt, what did the government do? They shut down all cell phones and internet access in an effort to halt communications. It didn’t stop anything, the crowds still grew, but the idea behind this action was clear.

I believe what is actually behind this might be the downloading of some kind of code needed to make the shut-down apparatus work efficiently. Think about your cable system if you have one or even an upgrade to many computer programs.

By theintelhub.com

Being a rather rational and logical person, the idea of shutting off communications of all kinds during a national emergency just doesn’t make any sense to me. Why would anyone want to do that?

Wouldn’t your first reaction be to make sure communications were all intact and operational? Unless of course, their definition of an emergency is something other than say extreme weather, floods or things of that kind.

In what kind of emergency situation would it benefit the public to have all communications shut down? I can’t even think of one.

If I were the government I could see where it could be really handy especially in light of the steady growing unrest across the country. Of course their phones, computers and broadcast systems would all be working just fine as their communications systems are independent of the system the public uses.

We have long since passed the point where we can trust government on any level. This impending communications shut down is only a test run for something far more serious.

This is not about public safety, emergency response or any of the other fluff and hype put out to try and explain why the government would engage in such a test. In my opinion, this is merely a test run for a future event which could be catastrophic as far as the general public is concerned.

Keep your eyes and ears open…….something is afoot here and it doesn’t look good for most of us.


By truthseekerblog.

When the united states is under martial law or in a time of Emergency they will use this Nationwide Emergency Alert System to relocate people. And i been warning people for years DO NOT RELOCATE ANYWHERE THEY TELL YOU TO GO. Do a youtube search on "FEMA concentration camps exposed"


November 9, 2011 is the day that Asteroid 2005YU55 flyby closest to the Earth, in distance closer than the Moon or 0.8 LD (Lunar distance). It’s follows the tail of Comet Elenin. It is not perfect day for testing the equipment – or is it?

Saturday, November 5, 2011


My name is Stephen and I been exposing in my blog/facebook/myspace/youtube/flyers, etc, the New World Order, ....

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the truth on 911,....

the coming martial law in America,....

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the truth on UFOs and much more for over 7 years. There's a lot of things i am trying to make you people aware of. But the number one mission out of everything i do is asking people to get right with god.

Yes this is literally the end days.

I don't know how much time we have left be for things get bad to were there is civil unrest, when the "SHTF" A lot of people are trying to warn you about these things, Most people that are aware of what's coming don't realize how bad it is really going to be. Prepare now! Or regret it later.

YOU NEED TO ASK GOD IF I AM SPEAKING THE TRUTH. AND YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE UPDATES. Please keep a eye on my blog. "The blog your on right now" There are many other sites you can go to as well,here's a few,

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God has given us a way to fight Satan and his goons with Orgone!

But remember that PRAYING is your number one weapon!

GET OFF THE Sideline's!!

Be on the winning team!

This is a war between good and evil! Do you people understand now?

Get something done for god! Ask him what he wants you to do!

YOUR NUMBER ONE SOURCE FOR TRUTH/INFO IS GOD! Pray for the truth in all things everyday!

I am a truth seeker, Patriot, Warrior of the most high god.

"The Truth Will Set You Free"


The text below was posted by sherry shriner

It's time to choose..whom will you follow? The True Son of God? Or the hoax that is on the way claiming he is Jesus/God and demands for you to accept his mark (chip implant) on or in your right hand or forehead to show your loyalty to him (Satan). It's time to take a stand now for Yahushua and eternal life in heaven! Our only safety is in Yahushua!

"For God so loved the world, that He sent His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him, should not perish but have everlasting life" John 3:16

If you want Victory over the evil that is pervading this world than YOU NEED YAHUSHUA!

His REAL Hebrew Name is YAHUSHUA!

If you want victory over the technology that our government and military are trying to destroy you with, then YOU NEED YAHUSHUA.

If you want eternal life in heaven then YOU NEED JESUS-YAHUSHUA.

Say this prayer between you and Him.

Dear Heavenly Father, the Most High,

Lord I know I'm a sinner and that without you I am lost.

Please forgive me for my sins, for the sins I've committed against others, and help me to forgive those that have sinned against me.

I believe that you sent your Son, Yahushua, to die on the cross, that He rose again 3 days later.

I accept your gift of salvation, and ask that you come into my heart and be my Saviour. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and give me all the blessings promised in your Word and those that you want to give to me.

Help me to live for you from this day on.

Thank you Father for sending your Son. Thank you Yahushua for saving me and being my personal Saviour.

In Yahushua's Name, Amen

Now Seek HIM..with all Your MIND, SOUL and STRENGTH. You don't "try" Yahushua..you build a relationship with HIM.

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