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Monday, December 26, 2011

How handle police in encounters in A POLICE STATE

Terry Ingram Vietnam Vet & Former Police Detective Teaches Citizens How to handle Police encounters in a POLICE STATE


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas is a Pagan Satanic holiday!

Friday, December 23, 2011

How to organize a survival group.

This guy have a LOT of good info! He was in the army and is now retired, Look at his videos!

Don't be scared be prepared!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

LAPD desecrates American flag at Occupy LA

the early morning of November 30, LAPD officers storm out of City Hall and start evicting the Occupy LA protesters. While they are destroying the occupiers personal belongings, a LA cop rips the American flag.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Stuff WILL Hit The Fan Sooner Or Later!!

The way things are looking right now it could be More sooner than later.

Don't Let Them Take You To A Concentration Camp!!

Now is the time to wake up people. The protests / unrest is starting to happen in the united states. I been warning you people this was coming for years. when they call martial law there will be no turning back.

Government to impose MARTIAL LAW Soon?


I been seeing his videos for a long time now... I have never seen him this frustrated before. U can see it in his eyes.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


By sherry shriner

They can label you as a terrorist and take you to Guantanamo Bay...and you'll have no civil rights, no access to a lawyer, and they won't even tell your family where you're going or where you're at...and they can keep you locked up for as long as they want to. Do you know what that means? Don't be taken alive...

Comment from a random person: Insisting on paying with cash makes you a potential terrorist!

Other points to consider-

Posting on Twitter, Facebook, GLP, or other data mining sites any anti-Obama, Federal Reserve, or the US maintaining its sovereignty~~~ MARKED AS A DISSIDENT.

Anyone else smell pre WW2 Germany?


Comment from a random person: MARK MY WORDS: US Troops in the streets VERY soon with the passage of this bill. Paramilitary checkpoints, the whole nine yards.

Make no doubt people, this will be used as a political tool to silence and detain Obama's opposition Waffen-SS style. Make sure you have all your papers in order, warrants cleared, etc. Any substantial quantities of food should be taken the nearest country safespot and buried. Sell your silver and gold and prepare for a bugout.

I've never in my whole time of surfing the net in the past 13 years said that the time is now. Well, I believe THE TIME IS NOW. This bill is a declaration of war against the American citizenry by the political elite.

If there are any shills reading this, please, for the sake of humanity, turn against your masters now. Believe me, you who are in the know will be some of the first to go. That's how this stuff works. You are no longer necessary when power is consolidated.



Comment from a random person: I would say wake up, but it is to that point where those of you who are still sleeping will start to have shovel-loads of dirt tossed on you for your nap.


Comment from a random person: Where we are headed-

On the same day, Stalin passed a law that ordered anyone accused of terrorism and plots against the government was to be arrested and executed immediately after conviction. This law gave Stalin the chance to carry out the Great Purges properly and easily without any resistance.

The Great Purges

Stalin used this 1934 law to launch a massive purge of all the people, including Communist Party members and top government officials, who were potential rivals or threats to him, those who criticised his policies and even the innocent few. Stalin held show trials for those party members who opposed him. These trials were meant for the people to see and serve as a warning to any people planning to oppose Stalin. They were held in Moscow and were filmed at times to show in other parts of Russia, so that the people in those places would also receive the same precautionary warning.

In the "Trial of the Sixteen", in 1936, Zinoniev, Kamenev and 14 other prominent members of the party who had questioned Stalin and his actions before were put on trial. They were charged with being part of a conspiracy to assassinate leading Communists, and they were found guilty and executed promptly.

The "Trial of the Seventeen" in 1937 saw Radek and 16 other members charged with a variety of crimes such as sabotage and treason. 13 of them were executed while the other 4 were brought to labour camps.

In 1938 the "Trial of the Twenty-One" was held. Bukharin, Rykov and 19 others were charged with an even greater assortment of crimes. As in the earlier trials, the secret police tortured the accused and extracted confessions of guilt.

By 1937 the purging had spread to the armed forces. Russia's most famous general Tuchachevsky and other generals were arrested and killed. By 1939, 3 out of 5 marshals and about half of the military officials had been purged.

The Great Purges had affected Russians all over as they lived in constant fear that they would be arrested and jailed, tortured or shot. It was common for ordinary citizens to accuse their neighbours or even family members of criticising Stalin so as to project a patriotic and loyal image of themselves in the hope that they would not be killed. In this way, all sectors of society were affected. People of every profession and background were purged. Over 10 million people were sent to labour camps where they often died, while a million were executed.



Comment from a random person: I pray that a second american revolution, and NOT a second holocaust, shall be part of the human timeline. I have no respect for humanity if we let this happen AGAIN.



Don't let them take you to a concentration camp!