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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

godlikeproductions.com Banned me and my Account has been deleted I had been a member on that site for 7 years

The user name i had on that site was Warrior85, The last two threads i posted On the godlikeproductions.com web site

"Christmas is a Pagan Satanic holiday!"&

"RED ALERT" POSSIBLE False Flag Attack On The Way""

ALL my karma is gone. Account had been deleted and every post i have ever made in the last 7 years GONE!

I can't find a reason why? Maybe they did not like the Christmas post?

Before the Admin completely KILLED my Account, i was able to look on the karma one last time, The Admin said something like this on my account, "STOP POSTING YOUR FU*KING SITE AND GIVE A LINK TO THE VIDEO" And the Admin gave me a LOT of red karma.

First of all it was not a video i was trying to post but a blog. I originally tried to post a link to dave hodges blog. But every time i tried posting a link to dave hodges blog link would show up on the GLP site as "spamshow.com"

They are blocking that site for some reason.

So i post a link to my blog "Truthseekerblog" so people can  get access  to the link that was being blocked on glp

I am being CENSORED on godlikeproductions.com

godlikeproductions.com is aiding the New World order.  And have no love for free and open internet.