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Sunday, February 15, 2015

What it means to be a believer in Yahuah/ YAHUSHUA and being a Patriot

In my opinion on what it means to be a believer in Yahuah/ YAHUSHUA and being a patriot at the same time. In the beginning, America was a gift from God, America was once based upon the Constitution/ Bill of Rights etc..

Believe it or not before America was created and founded there were Indians here that were gods people. Things like the Second Amendment which is a God given right to defend yourself, the First Amendment freedom of speech and freedom in general are things that America once stood for that came from the heavenly father. Unfortunately America has been taken over by Satanists. Our so-called leaders in Washington go to the Bohemian Grove to worship Satan.

More and more Unconstitutional laws are being passed that are destroying the Constitution, especially the thousands of infringing gun laws that are slowly disarming the American people. This is the government our forefathers warned us about! This one's great nation is turning into a police state the police no longer protect and serve instead they turned into "blue coats" not only do they get away with murder " so called peace officers" they get administrative leave on top of that which is nothing but a paid vacation.

Our government is so evil and tyrannical they are preparing to kill and slaughter Americans in a modern day Holocaust right here on American soil in FEMA concentration camps. And they are slowly crashing our economy as well. According to recent intelligence September of this year "2015" we may see an economic collapse, if not in September, the economy is going to collapse sooner or later.

And not to mention all the other sin that is in this country. And other horrors that are coming to this country and world. Modern-day America is Babylon.

We are Babylon that is spoken of in the Bible. And we know God will destroy and judge this country because of that.

The Patriots will have true victory once YAHUSHUA returns. In the second coming of the Messiah and the thousand year millennial reign, I personally believe even though America will no longer exist it's the Lords people who will exist that once inhabited America, the true America will always live inside you the Patriot/God's people, the freedoms and rights that once existed in patriotic America will live on.

No matter what Satan does too this country they will never take away the freedoms and rights we hold so dear that Yahuah has given us.

Heaven will prevail against the dark. Never stop fighting for Yahuah and Yahushua and for freedom.

In the end God will win. I love you Yahuah and Yahushua I raise this flag in your honor.