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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

RED ALERT: Martial Law Declared In Baltimore

Recent pic from BALTIMORE

Keep in mind people that this is a "soft version" of Martial Law. They are hoping this will spread across the country so they can implementation of Martial Law throughout America and start the round ups.

Baltimore Mayor Gave Rioters "Space to Destroy"



You see that is one of there "Tactics" They let the chaos happen than have there excuse for Martial Law and set a "curfew" and take away your first Amendment.



The police need to protect  "the right to peaceably assemble" And ONLY arrest the people burning down Businesses.


But that is just wishful thinking.  Instead they will just GAS anyone out pass curfew.


Freddie Gray FULL RAW VIDEO: Man DIES as Baltimore Cops Break SPINE in BRUTAL Police Beating




 I DO NOT support rioting. But when you have a out of control tyrannical government/police. And cops are getting more and more militarized and have a license to murder and people cant rely on this so called "justice system" riots like this will get worse because of that.

Baltimore Riots only Beginning When Cops are not Convicted



I do not understand why people are burning down businesses and innocent peoples cars?!? But am not surprised  to see Police cars go up in flames.

We knew these days were coming. Baltimore, Ferguson, etc chaos like this is coming to a town near you.