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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

"RED ALERT" I am seeing intell for the rest of this month for "December" "power grid failure" "Trump not getting in to office" And more.

This is not a guarantee this will happen. This is one of there plans that they might pull off this month. Pray it wont happen!

Intelligence is showing that there "MIGHT" be a "Power Grid Failure" This month.

The source of this info is by Sherry Shriner
if they coordinate this it could be global with everyone's going down, but alot of countries don't have grids like ours "USA", so will prob be a hit or miss type thing...if they can take it down they will.."
xtreme cold front hitting USA soon?"

"0 to minus -2 in CA, up to -5 below 0 in Florida, -15 degrees in TX and -19 in a huge chunk of the USA...prepare folks, this cold front is hitting approx exactly when I warned that Obama wanted to take out the electric grid, 2 weeks before Christmas. This photo was on Drudge Report today from that article I posted earlier. Starts hitting the West coast next week...then moves East. At the time I was warning of the grid I kept feeling a "day after tomorrow" scenario....imagine my shock seeing this article today..."


The "EVENT" Of The Deceiver Maitreya & Sananda, etc?

This will happen sooner or later.

iI will be a huge event in the sky, the sky will be lit up with brightness while the world is in darkness."


"Trump not getting in to office???"

Blogger: I am hearing that Hillary or Paul Ryan might be the next president. There is more info here at this link on this story.  

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