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Friday, June 6, 2014

Skirmish At Georgia Courthouse

A man armed with explosives and a rifle attacked a Georgia courthouse Friday. 

As far as i can see it appears he was not targeting civilians.  

ABC News is labeling him "anti-government group" The right way to say it is "anti-tyranny"

Authorities killed Dennis Marx outside the courthouse,  The man planned to wreak more havoc once inside the building.

"Mr. Marx's intention was to get in that front door and take hostages," 

Cops don't know why. 

"Must likely to take police,prosecutors,judges etc, as hostages and not civilians, and the reason why i think this is because he attacked a political establishment. "

A witness' video shows cops, guns drawn, closing in on a silver Nissan SUV on a wide walkway in front of the courthouse. Orange smoke spews from a device near the vehicle.

A shot rings out, then another. Two more shots are fired before a 15-second torrent of gunshots. 

Dozens of cops then surround the vehicle, as three construction workers peek out from behind their backhoe at a construction site across the street.

  Dennis Marx was shot and killed by police. 

The man began a "full frontal assault" on the building by driving up, throwing out "homemade spike strips" to delay any police response, and trying to run over a deputy, Piper said.

The deputy opened fire, and Marx returned fire through his windshield, hitting the deputy in the leg, the sheriff said. He also threw smoke bombs and gas grenades -- perhaps using pepper gas -- during the attack, according to the sheriff. Other explosive devices and "a lot of ammunition" were found on him and in his vehicle, he said.

Deputies, some from inside the courthouse, engaged in a roughly 90-second shootout with Marx, killing him, Piper said.

"The SWAT team, which happened to be close by on their way to another function "Probably to Raid a organic farm", also pulled up about 30 seconds into this gunfire fight and they engaged Mr. Marx, and Mr. Marx is dead with multiple gunshot wounds," the sheriff said.

Marx was scheduled to attend a hearing at the Forsyth County Courthouse on Friday, where he was expected to enter a plea on a drug-related charge, a news release said.

"He came prepared to stay a while," the sheriff said. "We don't know who he was coming to the courthouse for, but with the flex ties and the restraining devices he had with him ... we have to assume that he was there to occupy the courthouse."

Courthouses no longer represent justice,  they are revenue collection centers. You get arrested / fined for anything. Taking something out of the garbagefeeding the homeless the list goes on.

Was this a mad man?? Or a guy that lost it over the naver ending tyranny???    YOU DECIDE!