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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Are The Fertilizer/Chemical Plant Explosions An Attack on America Food Production?


First let's look back to April 17, 2013

recall the Explosion at the fertilizer plant north of Waco, Texas

"From the GLP site: 
 You recall that the chemical plant that exploded in West, Texas (just after the Boston Marathon Bombings) was a fertilizer plant.

Soon after Sherry Shriner owner of the thewatcherfiles.com web site post a update on facebook saying something about the chinese being  responsible for the explosion because they are trying to destroy the food production.


Did a missile hit the Waco fertilizer plant?


BREAKING NEWS: June 13 2013 

1 killed, 8 injured in blast at Louisiana chemical plant

" From the GLP site: 
The plant that just exploded today manufactures a nitrogen-containing substance that is used by farmers as a chemical fertilizer and can be applied at the same time as pesticides. Because it can be applied to crops in the same application, using it saves farmers time and money.The plant that blew up was the largest producer of this kind of fertilizer in the whole nation. Thus, it appears that the destruction of this particular fertilizer plant could have a measurable impact on overall agricultural production in the U.S."\

 "From the GLP site: 
there are three more fertilizer manufacturing plants in Ascension Parish, Louisiana.I wonder how long it will be until we hear of another plant exploding that manufactures chemical fertilizers."


 Sooner or later there will be a famine in America! And a world wide famine! prepare!!!!!!

we are living in biblical times