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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Message to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie "the first American Revolution started with GUN CONFISCATION"

Today i got a email from national gun rights, Here is the email...


"Last week, I wrote to tell you about Governor Chris Christie's anti-gun pick for the United States Senate.

But I wanted to remind you that appointing Jeffrey Chiesa was just the first course of his latest gun control feast.

Right now, Trenton lawmakers have served up the main dish of their agenda to Chris Christie, and I'm very afraid gun owners could end up playing the role of the Governor's napkin.

I'm talking about:

*** A3796 -- GUN CONFISCATION, requiring you to surrender all “illegal” guns within 180 days, or have them taken, and be charged with a crime.

*** A3583 -- Spends your money on a TASK FORCE to "study" ways to make schools safer, like retinal scanners and ID cards. (The gun grabbers are not going to learn that armed good guys would help.)

*** A3797 -- Could catalog your gun in a national ballistics database.

These bills are awaiting Chris Christie's signature, and only your intervention can help convince him to set down his knife and fork, and pick up his veto pen.

These are just the first three of nearly two dozen bills that could hit his desk in the coming weeks.

Please contact Governor Chris Christie and URGE him to VETO A3796, A3583, and A3797 without delay. 

1.) Call Governor Christie at 609-292-6000

-- Dudley"

I called up and left the following message..

  At the end im like, "thank you and have a nice day" Why did i say that? LOL!!!!